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Opie’s in Lubbock #1 – She Wears the Skulls

Posted by Teddy Osuch on May 15, 2012

28MAR2012 – I saw pictures of Jessica and Brad Houghtby in Austin while I was there visiting their parents.  They are both wonderful!  Its not that Brad is unimportant, but I was primarily driven to go to Lubbock to meet Jessica when I saw the picture of her in a bikini.  However, I sincerely did think it was fortuitous that Brad lived in Lubbock also and would be able to join us.  So I asked Opie and Carolyn if it would be OK for me to take them out to dinner in Lubbock and they said no.  So here is the after dinner pic I took.  Does anybody look like their dad?  Is Jessica smokin’ hot or what?!

I have Brad art to post at a later date.


Brad and Jessica Houghtby March 2012

One Response to “Opie’s in Lubbock #1 – She Wears the Skulls”

  1. andrea said

    I will reserve comment till a later date as I am sure OP’s won’t.

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